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GiftWork training

GiftWork training
Duration:  2-Day Workshop
Facilitators: 2 Tenured Certified Facilitators
No of Participants: 25 per Workshop
Cost Per Delegate:  1 =  NGN120,000
                             3 - 5 = NGN105,000
                             5+ = NGN100,000
Dates:  March 20th & 21st 2019
           April 24th & 25th 2019
           May 22nd & 23rd 2019
Deployment: In-House or Open Program
Program Details

Veer off the Status quo and start your Journey Training to greatness today! The world's best workplaces agree that a strong workplace culture is their competative advantage.

The program is a 2-day interactive and dynamic workshop with no PowerPoint slides that features practical learning concepts including games, video examples from Best Companies, Case Studies, Group discussions across industries.

A Self-assessment tool with an action plan to help managers evaluate their current performance as leaders, identify their strengths and areas of improvement, and create a plan to implement actions in the workplace.

A 21-day follow-up email campaign after 2 weeks ofcompleting the workshop, participants will receive short emails designed to remind and re-energize and reinforce behavioral change in their quest to transform their units into great workplaces.

Who should attend

Team Leads, Mid-Level and Senior Managers of all experience levels


Help Team Leads and mid-level managers create a great work environment within their work group and maximise the performance of their teams

  • Leverage daily interactions to build trust and maximize team performance
  • Implement the 9 practices based on principles of great workplaces
  • Create a culture that encourages employees to go above and beyond
  • Get International Certication from GPTW UK
Benefits To Your Organization
  • Develop manager’s skills to create a trust-based, high-performing team.
  • Enable managers to assume responsibility for making changes, increase the rate of successful implementation of programs, policies, and practices by teaching managers how to successfully present them to employees.
  • Reduce the risk of low morale and low productivity by giving managers the tools to lead and inspire their teams.




For registration details, contact:

Tochi - 0818 451 0610 

Bukola - 0802 352 4077

Day 1 Day 2



Defining your Great Workplace Culture as a Competitive Advantage Video/Case Study

- Examples of Great Workplaces

- Benefits of Trust & Filling the “Trust Reservoir”

- Comparing Workplace Interactions

- Introducing The Giftwork Cycle.


The Giftwork Cycle

- Acknowledging the Whole Person

- Small Group Activities

- Selecting the Opportunity

- Inventory of your practices


The Giftwork Cycle

- Designing a Practice

- UGIFT Methodology

- Presenting with the Giftwork Spirit


- Reinventing your practices with the Giftwork framework

- Peer Coaching in Triads

- Overcoming Obstacles

- Commitment to Action