What does being a Great Place to Work Certified Organisation mean?

 What does being a Great Place to Work Certified Organisation mean?

The importance of Great Place To Work certification and recognition over the years cannot be far-fetched. In a bid to establish beneficial recognition, gain competitive advantage, and retain top talents, organisations must continually stay at the top of their game and one of the ways to do this is to become widely certified.

In the case of high-caliber talents, global certifications signal to potential employees that the company values its workforce and provides a positive and inclusive workplace environment. Top talents are often drawn to organisations with a strong reputation for employee satisfaction and well-being.

Becoming certified is simply making it known that an organisation has surpassed the required benchmark of how excellent work culture in an organisation should be and encompasses employee experience and employee well-being. One of the powerful ways to set your organization at the edge in a competitive business landscape is by becoming a Great Place to Work Certified organisation.

What is a Great Place Certification and What are the components of being a Great Place to Work.

Great Place to Work Certification utilizes three decades of research to assess your existing workplace culture and provide a comparative analysis against global benchmarks of excellence. In over 30 years of research, Great Place to Work has asserted that people experience a great workplace when they consistently; Trust the People they Work for, Have Pride in what they do, and Experience Camaraderie with their colleagues.

When you’re certified you can discover where your organisational culture stands and earn recognition for the exceptional workplace you've cultivated. By adhering to best practices and nurturing a culture centered around continuous improvement, organisations can tap into their complete potential and establish a solid foundation for long-term success in today's dynamic business landscape.

Great Place to Work helps your organisation to provide valuable insights by enabling you to identify strengths and areas of improvement by taking you through the assessment process of Employee Survey, Culture Audit, and Analysis of Results.

Achieving Great Place to Work Certification provides a significant edge in the talent market. Embracing this certification elevates your company’s employer reputation, making it more appealing to potential candidates and simplifying the process of attracting and retaining top talent. Organisations that have been certified as a Great Place to Work have seen a 50% increase in Job applications according to various studies and surveys conducted by Great Place to Work.

It has been accredited that certified organisations experience higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity, and lower turnover rates. These organisations often receive positive media coverage, which further enhances their public reputation, and invariably their Employer Value Proposition is improved.

In Nigeria, one example of an organisation that has been certified as a Great Place to Work is Providus Bank where an impressive 96% of its employees expressed pride in telling others about their workplace. This high level of pride reflects a strong sense of loyalty and satisfaction among employees, contributing to a positive organisational culture.

Also, an overwhelming 90% of Interswitch employees feel a sense of pride when they look at what they accomplish at work. For them, work is seen beyond the 9-5 hours they put in; work at Interswitch defines their essence. This level of pride serves as a powerful endorsement for the organisation and attracts top talent seeking a supportive and rewarding work environment.

Being a Great Place to Work is tethered to these components:

Trust: The foundation of a great workplace
Culture: Fostering a positive and inclusive environment
Employee Experience: Nurturing employee’s holistic well-being
Leadership: Visionary and compassionate leaders

Great Place to Work relies on its Trust Model as a standard of what it means to be a great workplace. This revolves around 5 dimensions which are:

1. Credibility
2. Respect
3. Fairness
4. Pride
5. Camaraderie

We can say that; Being a Great Place to Work boosts you in these aspects:

- Attracting Top Talent
- Employee Retention and Pride
- Boosted Productivity and Engagement
- Improved Organisational Reputation
- Innovation and Creativity
- Enhanced Employer Brand
- Higher customer satisfaction

Achieving a Great Place to Work Certification is more than just a cause for celebration; it’s a strategic maneuver that boosts your company’s image, draws in prospective job candidates, and motivates existing employees. There should be an increase in employee engagement, and a conscious effort to fortify your employer brand and position your company for long-term success in a business environment that is rapidly changing. Improve your efforts in leadership, employee engagement, and inclusion, to achieve workplace greatness, enrich the lives of your employees, and propel your organisations to new heights.

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