Customer Centricity

Take Care of People and They’ll Take Care of the Customer

Do your customers love your organization?

In a culture of customer centricity, the customer experience is vital and directly related to the employee experience. These organizations have loyal customers who enthusiastically promote the organization’s products and services. Employees rally around the customer and decisions are based on what will lead to customer satisfaction and retention.

At high¬-trust organizations, employees are empowered to make decisions that they believe will delight the customer. For a coffee company, this might mean anticipating a frequent customer’s drink order. At a hotel, this could mean an unexpected room upgrade after a long day of travel. For a retail store, it could translate to no-¬hassle product returns. What these examples all have in common is confidence in the employee to make the right decision at the right time in order to delight the customer and catalyze positive growth in the business.

Without a high-­trust culture, rules take the place of trust. Multiple layers of management signoff are needed for even simple decisions. Unhappy employees lead to unhappy customers. Instead of leading to customer delight, the culture works against it. A high-­trust culture leads to value through customer centricity.

Partnering with Great Place to Work® helps you to develop a culture where:
  • Employees have a shared understanding of customer delight and how to achieve it, while simultaneously balancing business needs
  • Coaching and mentoring are built into development, helping people learn and model the company’s “way” of customer service
  • Decision-­making is optimized in favor of building loyal customers
Organizations work with us to:
  • Align leaders and employees around the critical role of the customer in the workplace ecosystem
  • Assess current experiences, enablers, and inhibitors of customer service
  • Understand and act on key levers for building a customer-­centric culture
  • Teach leaders across the organization to create norms of trust and respect, supporting employees at the front lines to create consistently great customer experiences

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