What if employees recruited the CEO, and not the other way round?

 What if employees recruited the CEO, and not the other way round?

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture. Through our research, we have compiled the ten attributes most commonly associated with high-performing CEOs. Which matters most will depend on various factors, such as, who you ask and which organisation the CEO is responsible for.

We asked a group of Nigerian employees across different industries and workforce sizes to help us rank the attributes that they value the most.

Download our eBook ‘What if employees recruited the CEO, and not the other way round?”  to find out their ranking and to discover how we used a selection of our research-backed Trust Index™ Statements to further understand the reality of the ‘average’ Nigerian employee experience in comparison to those at Best Workplaces in Nigeria™

Provides Vision & Clarity

Employees want a CEO who can articulate a clear and inspiring vision for the company’s future.

A well-defined vision provides employees with a sense of purpose and direction.

Prioritises Community & Social Responsibility

CEOs who engage in corporate social responsibility efforts and contribute positively to the community are often admired. Employees want to work for a company that aligns with their values.

Showcases Integrity & Ethics

A CEO’s personal and professional ethics matter to employees. They want a leader who acts with integrity, honesty, and fairness, both internally and externally.

Is Adaptable & Resilient

CEOs who can adapt to changing circumstances and lead the organization through challenges are highly regarded. Resilience in the face of setbacks can inspire confidence.

Champions Inclusivity & Diversity

Employees value CEOs who promote diversity and inclusion within the organization. A commitment to creating a diverse and equitable workplace is seen as a positive trait.

Is a Transparent & Strong Communicator

Open and transparent communication is highly valued. Employees want a CEO who keeps them informed about company developments, challenges, and strategic plans. Regular updates and opportunities for dialogue are essential.

Is Empathetic & Approachable

CEOs who are accessible to employees and make an effort to engage with them personally, whether through town hall meetings, informal conversations, or other means, are often appreciated. Employees want to feel that their concerns and feedback are heard and taken seriously.

Supports Innovation & Creative Thinking

Employees often admire CEOs who encourage innovation and are willing to take calculated risks to drive the company forward. A culture of innovation can inspire creativity and growth.

Delivers Results & Business Performance

Ultimately, employees want to see results. CEOs who can lead the company to success, growth, and profitability are typically well-regarded, as long as this success is achieved ethically and sustainably.

Advocates Employee Development & Wellbeing

CEOs who invest in employee development and well-being are appreciated. This can include offering opportunities for training and advancement and fostering a healthy work-life balance.

You can also watch our OnDemand webinar “Leadership Perspectives in Employee-Recruited CEO Organizations”  where we discussed the highly unconventional yet intriguing scenario where employees play an instrumental role in the recruitment of their CEO, turning the traditional selection process on its head.

A big thank you to our panel which included:

  • Abubakar Suleiman - CEO, Sterling Bank Plc.
  • Michael Essu - Country Manager, SC Johnson Nigeria Ltd
  • Muyiwa Adeseyoju - Country Managing Director, DHL Nigeria
  • Rajiv Das - Managing Director, Perfetti Van Melle Nigeria Ltd

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